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Two Londoners who love travel balance corporate jobs and travelling


The Story So Far

Us in Burano, Italy

Emma (E) travelled solo for the first time in the Spring of 2017. A short, almost whimsical trip to address worries over becoming comfortable with a routine, which deep down she was settling for, as opposed to aspiring as a recent graduate with greater goals. E hadn't thought much of this at the time. In hindsight, the hasty decision came abruptly due to having overlooked for a while, the need to push for more change. Milan was the city that so happened to mark the beginning of the serendipity.

The ability to navigate another touristic European city with ease was unsurprising, but realising her anxiety and impatience garnered from a frantic city life (in London) was. Add to that, a heightened appreciation for new surroundings, as well as situationally induced self-awareness touch points.

Alison (A) was inspired by E’s travels and as a result had booked 6 trips visiting 7 countries across 3 continents in 2018. Using all her annual leave entitlement from work long before her holiday allowance renewed in April. A realised travel did not have to be expensive. Budget holidays also existed and travel can be as cheap or as expensive as you’d like it to be.

They both developed a love for meeting others on the road, connecting with them, creating once-only memories and hearing their stories. After a few more trips, they realised travel was no longer a means to motivate ourselves towards an end goal back at home. It became an end in itself: They are passionate and do this alongside of our full-time corporate jobs.

People, places, time. Culture, history, empathy. Simplistic to say, we hoard what we can as valuable knowledge, adventures and learning experiences to be revisited.

Miles From Milan houses two core elements: personalised review-based writing and The Solo Series.

Our vision is to provide a platform for sharing our journey and to hear yours, so we can exchange our stories as we know we would have if we met on the road.

-A & E