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Taiwan's Nanya Rock: Roadtrip Serendipity

Road trips can come with pleasant surprises. Identify the key sites and enjoy sight spotting as you traverse through the itinerary. On our way to Hua Lien in Taiwan, we passed the Nanya Rock Formation in the North-Eastern Ruifang District where the mountainous, rocky landscape persuaded us to stop by.

Nanya Rock.PNG

Nanya Strange Rocks

The sandstone formation by the eroded shoreline is unconventionally stunning. Named '南雅奇岩' in Chinese, meaning 'Nanya Strange Rocks', their shapes are highly unique due to sedimentation depositing and cementing rock particles from sea waves. Being washed with monsoon season rain, they are left with ringed patterns from the oxidation of iron ore. With sandstone being extremely slow to chip away, the formation has been around for several thousand years.


Beautiful it may be but I found it more memorable due to the views being enjoyed with curiosity. There was an element of site exploration beyond savoring what's objectively scenic, with the interest sourced from its natural oddness. I couldn't tell what it mostly resembled, and being no geologist or usual candidate for rock admiration, was funnily excited by this. May I run you through some thoughts at the time:

Mac-n-cheese burrowed sandy surface:


Croissant shaped rock (turns out most other tourists consider this to look like an ice cream cone):

IMG_20181105_130626 - Nanya 4.png

Sliced tree trunk at the far back?:

IMG_20181105_130307 - Nanya 3.png

Of course, the rolling hills received attention too:

IMG_20181105_124530 - Nanya 5.png
IMG_20181105_125926 (1).jpg

Nanya also has hiking trails but due to passing by on a tight schedule, we did not explore them (the downside to road trip surprises). Which memorable place have you unexpectedly come across before moving on to the next adventure?