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Harrods Fendi Cafe: Review of Instagram's Best Pop-Up

Harrods - London’s exclusive luxury department store houses big brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Fendi

Through lenses, the 5th floor summer-time pop up at London's iconic department store resembles dining in the comic creation of a small, monochrome maze. A chic replica of the Italian fashion house's interlocked 'F' symbol is mirrored wall to wall.

Harrods is a large store and the warren of Louis Vuitton, Prada, Dior and other shops needs to be passed to reach Fendi Cafe at the far back (a reminder that this was indeed a takeover as termed on other news sites). The lengthy queue seen before the last corner turn belonged to our awaited dessert/brunch place. 

The Harrods Fendi Cafe is tucked at the back of the 5th floor. Enjoy your designer bag/clothing browsing, or shopping! before nipping in for a unique lunch experience
Many visitors were seen trying to capture their Instagram-worthy photos against the background, proudly emblazoned with ‘Fendi Cafe by Joshua Vides’

The lunch menu didn't astound us with choices or something experimentative, despite being of quality. We came for dessert and ordered cheesecake, tiramisu, a Cappuccino each, and patiently anticipated our sweet cravings. For those interested in Fendi Coffee art, the Cappuccino is a perfect start. Others we saw tucking into mains such as paninis, risotto or lasagna appeared to be enjoying their options. The challenge in this cafe, from what I saw of others was in not delaying dining due to taking photos. Bazaar rightly thinks the Fendi pop up is the most instagrammable cafe right now.

Hungry for dessert? if you are happy to spend a little more, this is a worthwhile try
The double F symbol; as seen on tiramisu, not just handbags

Being seated in the far corner, we had a quieter experience. The entire thing felt, simple, quick and pleasant as a pop up should be. This was no place for sitting down to chat for ages. It felt like once we'd eaten, we were ready to leave.

A discrete cheesecake, smooth to the tongue with a gold chipped berry on top

Before July, there was handbag station where visitors could check out Vide’s exclusive designs for Fendi with customisable straps. 

Pop ups are fun to see and the unlikelihood of it coming around twice makes it a unique experience. After all, the Dior cafe had already permanently shut by the time I visited Milan in 2017.


87-135 Brompton Road, Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7XL

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